We’re proud to celebrate the 201 graduating students from the College of Natural Science and Mathematics at 永利博彩’s Spring 2024 Commencement. 祝贺你 感谢你们的成就,永利博彩加油!



Are you a motivated student who wants to change the world? 加入您的同行在UToledo 's 自然科学与数学学院.

Our students discover stars, search for clean energy sources, find new methods to fight diseases, study water quality on Lake Erie, collaborate with faculty and much 更多的.

  • Opportunities for undergraduate research with internationally renowned faculty
  • Great pre-health options (pre-med, dental, veterinary and physician assistant)
  • 实地实践经验和实习经历
  • State-of-the-art facilities that rival those at larger universities
  • 授权和支持你的教员
  • Innovative curricula that stays on top of current job trends





Work with renowned faculty researchers in their labs. 本科研究是一项 priority and can begin as early as your first year. 我们卓越的研究领域 ― astronomy and astrophysics, solar energy, water quality, sustainable technologies 以及细胞结构和动力学.



Our majors make excellent pre-health pathways if you’re interested in becoming a physician, 牙医、兽医或医师助理. UToledo的健康前咨询中心 can help you understand what it means to be pre-health and provide you with resources. 永利博彩 to our BACC2MD program directly from high school.



Expand your horizons and study in England for a year as part of the UToledo-Salford 交流项目. 保持正轨,四年后毕业.






'24, B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, Department of Biological Sciences Spring 2024 Departmental 优秀毕业生 and College Outstanding Graduating 学生

"Growing up in the area, just over the border in Michigan, I knew that UToledo offered many opportunities with both of my older brothers graduating from UT as well. 就像 any new phase of life, I wondered what was in store for me when entering UT, but looking back, 我 been blown away by the opportunities and events I participated in..."



'24, B.S. 化学系生物化学博士 & 生物化学2024春季 优秀毕业生

"Reflecting on my time at UToledo has made me realize how supportive UToledo was towards my education both inside and outside the classroom. 自从我开始上大学 the pandemic, I had the opportunity to take both virtual classes and in -person classes. Whether the class was online or in person, professors were always willing and flexible 来见我,回答我的问题."



'24, B.S. in Data Science (astrophysics concentration) with a minor in Physics, Data Science Program Spring 2024 优秀毕业生

"Growing up in Malaysia, life was different, academically and socially. 当我降落时 在托莱多,我知道我要做很多事. 首先,我想说的是,UToledo真的 has given me a lot of different experiences, which I normally would not get anywhere 其他的."



'24, B.A. in Environmental Studies with minors in Environmental Biology and Political Science, Department of Environmental Sciences Spring 2024 Departmental Outstanding 毕业的学生

"I cannot thank the faculty and staff here enough for exceptional support and mentorship 他们提供了. After my freshman year, I had the opportunity to work as a research 他是伊利湖中心的一名技术人员. 达里尔·德怀尔,我收集例行公事的地方 water samples and learned the importance of scrupulous data collection."



'24, B.S. in Mathematics (pure math concentration), Department of Mathematics & 统计数据 Spring 2024 Departmental 优秀毕业生

"Coming into the University I wasn't totally sure of what I wanted to study. 我 always kind of been drawn towards math as well as the other science classes and it wasn't until I took my calculus courses that I decided I wanted to pursue math full time. The professors I had for these courses were very enthusiastic in their teaching, so this kind of inspired me to not only pursue math but also pursue teaching as a 职业生涯."



'24, B.S. Medical Laboratory Science, Medical Laboratory Science Program Spring 2024 优秀毕业生

Lisa Jordan, Program Director (on behalf of Marah) stated, “Marah was offered a permanent position at ProMedica/Toledo Hospital after her first clinical rotation to work in 该科(血液科)."


'24, B.S. Phyiscs (astrophysics concentration) with minors in Data Science and Mathematics, 物理系 & Astronomy Spring 2024 Departmental Outstanding Graduating 学生

"One of the main transformative aspects of my time here at UToledo has been doing 与教师一起研究. I'm very grateful for the support of faculty who have allowed me to engage in so many different research projects across such a wide area in the field of astronomy, and it's through those projects that I was able to ignite my own deep passion for scientific processing, for research."




Dr. 托尼·奎因我们是STEM

托尼·奎恩 我们是stem倡议和奖学金基金 have been established by the University to honor Dr. 奎因. Dr. 奎因是著名的 immunologist and faculty member dedicated to the recruitment and retention of underrepresented 少数民族学生. The initiative includes a lecture series, fellowships for graduate 以及专业教育和指导项目.


We promote diversity in STEM 教育 as a partner in the 路易斯·斯托克斯中西部卓越中心.




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